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Naïve Art: The Best Art Genre You Dont Know About!

Naïve Art: The Best Art Genre You Dont Know About!

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Have You Explored Naïve Art?

There is a genre of art that is found in almost every country, hung on the walls of the most famous galleries, and created by some of the most acclaimed and talented artists. I am referring to none other than naïve art! Yet despite so much going on for this blossoming genre, very few actually know what defines a piece of art as ‘naïve.’

Giorgio dө Chirico said it best: “To beсome truly immortаl, a work of art muѕt escape all hυman limits…But once theѕe barriers аre broken, іt will enter the realms of childһood visions and dreams.” The keyword here is childhood. Naïve art takes the ordinary and adds enchantment. It turns the reality of adulthood into the weightless joys of youth. Simply put, naïve art turns reality into something else, something better.

This concept is not unique in the world of art. Many of the most popular art genres find imaginative ways to create altered realities:

• Fine art uses aesthetics and detail to BEAUTIFY reality.

• Abstract art uses shapes and colors to DISTORT reality.

• Expressionism uses emotion to FANTASIZE reality.

• Folk art uses patterns and colors to DECORATE reality.

• Contemporary art takes a known theme and makes the reality CURRENT.

• Naïve art uses childlike innocence to LIGHTEN reality.

The 4 Basic Characteristics of Naïve Art

How does naïve art accomplish this “lightened’ reality?

• Bright colors – Naïve art utilizes colors and mix media that are not true to reality and often juxtaposed against one another.

• A childlike perspective – Naïve art often creates the illusion that objects are floating or positioned without anything solid anchoring them in place.

• Live creatures, people, and flora – The focus is almost always on animated characters and never on inanimate objects.

• Precision of detail – Naïve artists often pay very close attention to the soft borders, intense backgrounds, and fine lines of their figures and objects.

Next time you catch yourself staring at a painting, and you feel a smile cross your face, take a closer look. If you feel removed from reality–in a free, young, and lightweight sort of way–then you most probably encountered a naïve piece of art, or at least a piece of art with naïve elements! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of naïve art.


Nirel Matsil, Naive Art Online

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