A Portrait Demonstration You Wont Want to Miss

A Portrait Demonstration You Wont Want to Miss

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Regardless of medium, being able to create a lifelike portrait is a difficult task for even many advanced artists. Yet with the right techniques, artists of all levels and mediums can master this challenging undertaking. Follow along with artist Alain Picard to learn just how easy it can be to create a portrait.

“The study of the portrait has been a lifelong pursuit of artists throughout the centuries. The magic and the illusion of seeing a lifelike head breathe and stare back at you from inside the picture plane is a wonder that absolutely never gets old,” shares Alain.

Basic Proportions

Whether the subject is looking straight ahead, to the side, up or down, Alain starts off by revealing how to quickly find proper head proportions from any angle.

The Eyes

Alain shares drawing tips and tricks for creating eyes that burst with expression, including how to establish key tonal shifts and highlights.

The Nose

Starting with a triangle shape to set a strong structure, Alain draws a frontal view of a nose, adding in essential details to showcase dimension.

The Lips

Watch as Alain draws the features of the mouth, showing how to master essential skills from creating soft edges and transitions to adding in lights and shadows.

The Ears

Alain demonstrates how to draw the basic framework of the ear using simple shapes and angles, as well as how to easily capture all the complex peaks and valleys.

The Portrait

After mastering the fundamental components of the face, Alain brings it all together with step-by-step instruction on drawing a realistic portrait that appears to come to life right before your eyes!

“I hope you [enjoy] this exploration of portraits,” says Alain. “And my hope [is] that [you’ll] be given tools to be empowered to create your own realistic, lifelike portraits.”

Check out the preview below, and stream the full-length drawing demonstration at ArtistsNetwork.tv!

About the Artist

After achieving a Bachelor of Arts in illustration from Western Connecticut State University, Alain Picard went on to study at the Art Students League of New York. He is a frequent workshop instructor and demonstrator for art associations, schools, universities and museums, recently demonstrating at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Arts Club in New York City. You can find more information about Alain and his artwork at his website, PicardStudio.com.

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