Printing and Drawing With Dawn Emerson

Printing and Drawing With Dawn Emerson

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Pastel and mixed media artist Dawn Emerson has been featured in our competition book Strokes of Genius. She was recently in our photo studio doing work for her upcoming book with us, Pastel Innovations. I wanted to share some of the excitement and show one of her interesting techniques. Inside the book you’ll find a lot of great techniques. You can even alter the brayer for more unique shapes and lines. Read below and give it a try yourself!

Dawn Emerson covers each of these drawing techniques with the brayer in her new book. Now that you have the basics down, try doing some alteration. The brayer can be used as a rolling stamp. You can add lines and shapes with string, tape, pastel and more to create interesting new marks with just the one simple tool: the brayer!

Watch the video: All About Painting Pastel Minis (July 2022).


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