Its Here—Tips from the Pros to Paint Better Landscapes

Its Here—Tips from the Pros to Paint Better Landscapes

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It’s here! The Winter 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist is available now, and it features Brian LaSaga. Plus,16 more of today’s best working acrylic artists round out the issue. Tips including how to paint better landscapes, capture more realistic details of nature, create powerful abstracts, and more. You can apply the ideas to your own work for great results.

The issue is 112-pages long and is packed with gorgeous art and words of wisdom. And we’ve pulled together enough reading material to get you through the coming season of rest and restoration. Don’t wait, get your copy now at the newsstand or online.

Better Painting is What It’s All About
Painting better landscapes is right at the top of the list of goals for many acrylic painters, including pro Brian LaSaga. In this issue LaSaga shares an easy-to-follow, step-by-step painting demo on how to realistically capture snow and you’ll learn how to recreate color and texture. Plus, the exercise applies to capturing other natural textures as well which will help you paint better.

Portrait painting is another popular pursuit among us, and Matt Cauley’s take on the portrait is refreshing and edgy. We tongue-in-cheek called the feature on Cauley’s work “The New Selfie,” but it’s a stretch. These portraits are not “selfies” at all, but, well, you get the connection since a portrait captures one person. The feature explores the rising trend in portraits that depict folks like us, and it explores the history of portraiture that frequently featured aristocracy posed in their mansions or with their thoroughbreds. The feature is insightful and entertaining, and it will give you fresh perspective on the portrait.

Just like in every other issue, this issue introduces you to working artists by taking an in-depth look at their paintings, styles, techniques and tools. If you have ever wanted to start painting with acrylic, have been using the medium for awhile but need some insight and advice, or are ready to add a new medium to your painting repertoire, this issue is for you.

Other Highlights of the Winter 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist include:

  • How to preserve black lines for dramatic effect by Jo Toye
  • A peak at Conn Ryder’s palette—you may be surprised by what she uses
  • In-depth profiles on other working acrylic artists including Wyanne, Ana Schmidt, Will Harmuth, Lori Bagneres Jamie O’Neill and others
  • Expert advice on scumbling, embedding objects in paint, and how to select the right airbrush

Look for the Winter 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist on newsstands near you, or better, yet, order a copy, today!

Watch the video: Developing an Eye for Landscape Composition (July 2022).


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