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Frame Your Art and Add Hanging Hardware

Frame Your Art and Add Hanging Hardware

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During my time working on videos for, I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of wonderful artists and because they’re also talented instructors, I’ve made a lot of artwork that I’m actually proud of! But when it comes to framing my artwork to hang, I’m lost. Or at least, I was.

When Crystal Neubauer came to the studio to film four new collage videos she not only demonstrated her collage, mark-making and encaustic techniques, she also demonstrated how to protect the flat artwork by displaying it in a shadowbox-style frame and adding hanging hardware to the back. If you want to learn to frame your art and add secure hanging hardware, the video below will teach you how!

This clip from Crystal’s video Expressive Collage Workshop: Abstract Mark Making picks up after we’ve sealed our flat collages with Krylon Spray Varnish for Multi-Media in a Matte finish and attached them to 140-lb. watercolor paper with YES! Stickflat paste.

In this demonstration you’ll learn how to:
  • choose the size of frame and mat to truly showcase your art.
  • attach your flat art securely to the mat.
  • frame your art.
  • screw d-rings to your frame.
  • attach wrapped wire to the d-rings for a secure, gallery-style hanging system.

Now that I know just how easy this type of framing is, one of my projects for the next cool, Autumn weekend is to grab a bunch of frames and the hanging hardware supplies my toolkit came with and spend a few hours getting my artwork up on the walls!

How about you? What’s your next art-related project? Tell us about it in the comments!

P.S. If you like the peek at Crystal’s collage work in the video above, you can learn how she does it in her new instructional videos!

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Watch the video: How To Screw D-Rings u0026 Tie Wire On A Picture Frame (July 2022).


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