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Robin Warnes’ Modern Pastel Art

Robin Warnes’ Modern Pastel Art

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British artist Robin Warnes’ pastel art features abstracted images, but the work is anchored in reality.

“For me, art is about representation and exploring and re-evaluating how we experience the world around us,” says Warnes. “I think you can represent the real world without being a slave to it. Rather, it’s a case of enhancing it and developing one’s senses, trying to be in tune with the world as something that can be seen, experienced and felt. I aim to do this through a language of color and form, whether I’m creating pastel art or working in oil.

“I don’t think it matters what the subject is; my ambition is to see everything as one,” says the artist. “By that, I mean my paintings are an investigation of the space, whatever the subject. Consider the work of Cézanne; there was no formal perspective, and yet he managed to achieve the illusion of depth and space in his two-dimensional paintings.”

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Watch the video: Painting Trees In Pastel (July 2022).


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