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Oil Painting: Portraits in Cool Light with Chris Saper

Oil Painting: Portraits in Cool Light with Chris Saper

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How to Paint Portraits

Portrait painting is popular for a reason, and it’s tough to argue with the classics. Even in the age of the selfie stick and easy access to cameras, we’re drawn to formal portraiture; not only because we want the ability to control how we’re presented to the world, but because portrait painting forces both the subject and the artist to stop and contemplate, to be in the moment and reflect upon what they want to show.

Portrait painting might be about more than just getting the technical details right, but those technical details sure do help if you’re going for realistic, representational work rather than abstraction! In Painting Oil Portraits in Cool Light, Chris Saper demonstrates, step-by-step, the technical knowledge any portrait artist needs to improve their work and get the features, skin tones, and proportions of a face right.

Oil Painting Techniques

If you’re going to go with a classic subject, what better way to do it than with a classic medium? Try using oil painting techniques to paint your favorite faces to make use of the slow drying and easy blending, which really helps soften the angles. In her video, Chris demonstrates the best painting tips, color mixing, and brushstrokes for painting faces, showing practical applications for capturing expression and personality.

Preview Painting Oil Portraits in Cool Light now for some great tips to get you started; then head over to for the full video, materials lists, and more, or download it at!

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