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Animal Drawing Techniques

Animal Drawing Techniques

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Animal Drawing Techniques

If you’re like me, you probably drew your first cat or dog by the time you were just a few years old. Granted, it might not have actually looked like your favorite feline (mine tended to have 6 legs), but cats are such a prevalent subject in doodles, art and literature because they are so fascinating! Everything from the shape of their eyes and the tilt of their heads, to the tale flicks and the way they move make us want to capture that personality and grace with a pencil.

Luckily, cats can be pretty easy to get on paper with the right drawing techniques. In this video, Keys to Drawing Realistic Animals, Claudia Nice demonstrates the basics of animal drawing, using shapes and shading in some exercises to get us warmed up. Then, she puts those lessons together in a great, step-by-step demonstration of a cat, concentrating on capturing the pose and characteristics accurately so that the end result is realistic and elegant.

Great Instruction

The best thing about this video? Claudia’s drawing techniques and instructions are easy to follow and will give you the tools you need to create stunning animal art.

“I really appreciated the examples and explanations of eyes – both the light reflections and the way hair/fur grows around it. The use of blending tools was illustrated quite nicely. Ms. Nice gives good explanations as to why she does what.” –

Preview Keys to Drawing Realistic Animals with Claudia Nice now to develop the body of the cat, using varying pencil strokes and a stump to add dark and light hairs that show the value change between the dark and lighter areas of fur. Then, get the download or stream the full video at!

Watch the video: 10 Easy Animal Drawings for Kids Vol. 1. Step by Step Drawing Tutorials. How to Draw Cute Animals (July 2022).


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