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Watercolor Painting: Landscapes that Sparkle

Watercolor Painting: Landscapes that Sparkle

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What’s so great about landscape painting?

A lot of things, as it turns out. Landscape painting offers something different to every painter; whether it’s capturing the fleeting beauty of a changing landscape, the pull of a a coastal seascape you return to every summer, or even just a small patch of land at the park, if there’s something that everyone has access to, it’s some kind of landscape. And while a trip to the beach might be outside of your budget, finding the beauty of your backyard is free.

And within any landscape, there’s something worth painting.

Of course, being inspired to paint a landscape and actually painting it are two very different things. But painting a landscape doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you’re painting in watercolor. Want to learn how to create amazing landscape paintings that sparkle with color and vibrancy? Look no further than Joe Francis Dowden’s video, The Landscape Painter’s Essential Handbook.

Why Watercolor Painting is Perfect for Landscapes

In this watercolor painting video, you’ll learn how to paint a stunning waterfall, spring blossom scene, puddled landscape and a dramatic sky scape using a variety of clever painting techniques. Follow along, step by step, as Joe demonstrates how to create soft shadows, clouds of mist, sparkling water and shafts of light to add depth and drama to your paintings. You’ll love how easy it is to create stunning landscape art with a few strokes of your brush!


  • four step-by-step watercolor art lessons on landscape painting
  • Learn how to paint water that sparkles, a stunning tree, puddles in a dirt road, and a dramatic sunset
  • Get painting tips for composition, brush strokes, wet-on-dry and we-into-wet, masking, and more

Preview The Landscape Painter’s Essential Handbook to transform a body of water into a puddled, tree-lined lane. By painting in the water and reflections first (before the lane), the puddles become amazingly realistic and three-dimensional. Then, get the full video, either in stream or download, for all four fantastic watercolor painting demonstrations. The result: lovely landscapes you can be proud of!

Watch the video: Geoff Kersey Watercolour Technique Summer and Autumn TreesWatercolour Landscape (July 2022).


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