The Wet Cityscape with Acrylic Artist Mike Barr

The Wet Cityscape with Acrylic Artist Mike Barr

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In the fall issue of Acrylic Artist, Mike Barr shares 10 keys to painting better wet cityscapes. In this post, we share 8 additional Barr acrylic paintings—each a clear reminder of how this acrylic artist has mastered capturing a city after, and sometimes during, the rain.

Tackling a rainy cityscape may seem daunting, with buildings, perspective, vehicles and figures all adding to the mix. Simplification and a few other key tips will have all these obstacles fading away, and you’ll wish you had tackled this subject earlier. Learn how, with advice from Barr in the fall issue of Acrylic Artist.

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Watch the video: Rainy cityscape paintings in blue. (July 2022).


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