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Learn How to Draw Faces in 5 Minutes

Learn How to Draw Faces in 5 Minutes

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How to Draw Faces

While drawing faces can be terrifying for beginning artists to approach, though there are few subjects that are more compelling than the features of a loved one. How many of us have itched to capture the cuteness of a young family member before their joy and wonder at the world is gone?

Learning how to draw faces is a great way to learn drawing techniques and build your skills to approach any subject with confidence. And the beauty of working from a live model is how quickly an expression can change, challenging the artist to capture the moment quickly, before the next expression comes along.

With that in mind, we turn to Joy Thomas, who demonstrates how to draw faces with 5-minute studies in her video, Portrait Drawing 5-Minute Head Studies, and achieve successful, realistic portraits quickly! In this video, Joy demonstrates how to internalize the head-drawing process and learn how to define the skull and axis, place facial features and develop shapes and tones. Joy shows how to quickly develop several head studies minute-by-minute, complete with shading, edges and highlights, then spend the last minute refining.

Having a short time frame can be a great way of breaking through all the doubts and perfectionism that threaten so many of us; we simply don’t have time to dwell on one feature or section when we have only a few minutes to get the whole thing. And breaking past that sense of perfectionism is the best way to develop your skills and become a better portrait artist.

Preview Portrait Drawing: 5-Minute Head Studies now to to see Joy draw a toned head study, step by step in charcoal. Then, head over to for the full video and materials list, or download it at



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