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Creative Painting Techniques with Abstract Art

Creative Painting Techniques with Abstract Art

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Painting Techniques for Creative Inspiration

Great creative to get out of a rut with your artwork.

Get inspired to paint with Nita Leland’s handy drawing and painting tips to expand your artistic boundaries and achieve successful paintings. Creative Art Class with Nita Leland will teach you all the painting techniques you need to develop your natural curiosity, flexibility, and playfulness by using your favorite art materials in several exercises that will help you break artistic blocks, build color and composition, and create fun abstract art.

Why draw with one hand when you could draw with two at the same time? Preview Creative Art Class now to learn how to draw using two markers at the same time to get creative and break yourself out of your own habits.

Several exercises for drawing and painting using different mediums
Great ideas for sparking your creativity and developing your playful side
Drawing and painting techniques for turning your realistic work into abstract art

Then, head over to to get the full-length video, materials lists, and more!

And don’t forget to check out all the free art lessons on offer from!

Watch the video: Abstract Painting Techniques with Nicola Newman (July 2022).


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