All About Perspective Drawing: Linear Perspective in Art

All About Perspective Drawing: Linear Perspective in Art

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Perspective drawing

Linear perspective techniques are used by artists to give the illusion of distance and space to drawings and paintings. Linear perspective is essential to master because without it, it’s easy to misjudge correct proportions.

For more, here’s our perspective drawing resource guide.

One point perspective

When there is only one vanishing point, that is referred to as 1 point perspective. One-point perspective involves a single vanishing point and the most common example of it is two parallel train tracks that appear to merge at a single vanishing point in the distance. This kind of perspective is easily recognized and drawn because of its simplicity. It is a common feature in films made by Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick.

Two point perspective

Things get more complex when you add more vanishing points. Two-point perspective allows for the illusion of corners, and three-point perspective that you are seeing objects from above or below.

Watch the video: Linear Perspective: Brunelleschis Experiment (July 2022).


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