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STAEDTLER Artist Focus: Jon Shaw

STAEDTLER Artist Focus: Jon Shaw

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ArtistsNetwork is proud to share the following artist feature, which is sponsored by STAEDTLER.

Vancouver artist Jon Shaw has been doing some amazing things with STAEDTLER Lumocolor markers, taking advantage of the rich black ink and various tip sizes for his line work. Jon’s current work examines the decaying urban landscape of the city’s less-celebrated environments.

After visiting and photographing the space, Shaw begins the piece with loose, expressive paint applications and a detailed ink drawing. He selectively interprets and reworks the layers until they balance expression, representation, abstraction and detail. The final mixed-media pieces resonate with vibrancy and explosive color.

The work is an analysis of the city and how humans leave their mark on its physical environment. By capturing the garbage, decay, graffiti and other random components within these spaces, the work represents a slow metamorphosis of these public spaces, highlighting this evidence of human presence.

Shaw’s work is featured on several product packages in the new STAEDTLER art range, including his parrot painting on the double-ended watercolor brush marker set of ten colors and his elephant sketch, done with the sketch pen set of three line widths.

Shaw obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Mount Allison University in 2008. In 2010 he relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia to develop his studio. He exhibits at several galleries around Vancouver and his paintings are much sought after by both private and corporate collectors.

Watch fascinating stop-motion videos of Shaw’s work at

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Watch the video: Artist Jon Shaw on how he turned his creative talent into a colourful career (July 2022).


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