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Abstract Art and Watercolor Painting on YUPO®

Abstract Art and Watercolor Painting on YUPO®

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Abstract Art in Watercolor

An unusual surface can lead to some amazing abstract art, especially when that surface is YUPO®. Watercolors may not seem, at first glance, to be the ideal pairing for a synthetic surface, but in Watercolor Painting on YUPO®, Mark Mehaffey introduces his methods for painting stunning nonrepresentational art that demonstrates just how well-matched YUPO® and watercolor can be. In this video, he opens up a whole new world of possibilities, whether working in abstract or a more realistic manner.

From subtractive methods of painting, adding in water-soluble crayons and other mediums, using stencils and textural products, and plenty more watercolor painting techniques, Mark demonstrates the various exercises that can be used to build great abstract art, along with tips for creating a strong composition. He then demonstrates two paintings, one nonrepresentational, and a more realistic landscape painting, showing the practical applications of those painting techniques.

Easy Painting Techniques Bring Gorgeous Results

The best thing about this video is how easy it is to get great realistic and abstract art using these materials. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and time to build these skills, which means that you see excellent results quickly. For those of us who need a bit of encouragement right off the bat to stay motivated, this is a great way to approach painting, no matter what the subject matter is. And when the design and composition rules of abstract art seem… abstract, Mark is an excellent guide for navigating through the painting process.

Preview Watercolor Painting on YUPO® now to get started with some fabulous painting techniques right away in an exercise on lifting paint and creating texture. Then, check out the full video at

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Watch the video: How to Begin a Painting on Yupo Using Negative Shapes (July 2022).


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