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Landscape Painting: Watercolor Unleashed

Landscape Painting: Watercolor Unleashed

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Summer might just be starting for many of us, but when it comes to painting landscapes, there’s no time like the present for painting fall foliage. When summer temperatures hit their highs, there will be days when I’ll be dreaming of crisp autumn leaves and long hikes through the woods without danger of heatstroke. For all the fun of sitting poolside (or even better, beachside), I like the anticipation of cooler temperatures.

For those days when you want autumn leaves instead of green grass, paint a fall landscape in watercolor with Julie Gilbert Pollard! In Painting the Autumn Landscape: Watercolor Unleashed, she explores the painting techniques for creating a stunning landscape that sparkles with color. From underpainting to final details, Julie explores each step of the landscape painting process, demonstrating how to paint wet-into-wet, edge work, splattering, and how to build color and value for a beautiful composition that stays loose, without losing control.

Preview Painting the Autumn Landscape: Watercolor Unleashed now to enjoy painting with abandon as you block in a color underpainting, paint wet-into-wet, with big shapes and playful color, and then head over to to stream the full video, materials lists and reference photos, and more! You can also get it on DVD or download it at!

Not quite ready for fall? Take advantage of the weather to do some plein air and all your landscape painting needs with these free art lessons!

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