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Big City Scenes in Watercolor

Big City Scenes in Watercolor

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When I was in London, I was struck by the juxtaposition of the modern with the old, particularly when it comes to architecture. Similarly, the London Eye watches over Big Ben and Parliament with a thoroughly modern sensibility.

Cityscape by Iain Stewart, watercolor painting.

This sense of human history is just one of many reasons that cityscape are such a popular subject. Urban landscapes are ever-evolving and always telling a story, so its no wonder that we want to capture that story, these moments in time, in a painting. But as we all know, with so much detail, it can be incredibly daunting to take on the subject. Where do we begin?

If you want to adapt a painting from the photographs youve taken in order to more accurately capture a mood, check out From Photos to Fantastic: Painting Watercolor Cityscapes with Iain Stewart. In this video, Iain demonstrates how to paint a Paris street scene using multiple photographs to inspire a strong composition and how to change your subject from a dull, rainy day to a light-filled, post-rain late afternoon. His video is chock full of great painting tips for learning how to edit for a great composition, tackle architecture and figures within the landscape in a way that works, as well as how to wield your watercolors, working wet-into-wet, lifting, softening edges, splattering, and more, to create great architecture that captures the essence of a place.

Then, learn how Maryanne Holmes uses watercolor to create a cityscape that captures that beautiful juxtaposition of modern-day advertising with older buildings creating a beautiful backdrop in the latest episode of Colour in Your Life: Watercolor Cityscapes.

You can preview both videos on as well as see the full-length videos, get materials lists, and more!


Watch the video: Easy watercolor exercise of city street scenery for semi advance beginners - simple techniques (July 2022).


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