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See the Beauty of Backlight in This Watercolor Painting

See the Beauty of Backlight in This Watercolor Painting

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It was a harsh winter here in the Midwest. My view was limited to the ground covered in white snow, to an ashen gray of the sky, with teasing glimpses of brilliant sunrises and sunsets here and there throughout the weeks. I tried to focus on the whimsical way the untouched snow sparkled with light reflected off of the individual flakes, but was easily distracted by the freezing wind–and the solid ice that grew over my car nightly.

And so I hope you feel as refreshed as I do after viewing the life-filled watercolor paintings of Karlyn Holman. We can be reminded that other seasons await, and that a life filled with color is not far off. In her landscapes that I’ve featured here, for example, we can see the sun peeking from behind the trees, its rays of warmth reaching out reassuringly. “Don’t worry,” this says to me, “everything is temporary.”

“Whether I’m painting an abstract or realistic landscape, my goal is to convey the same sense of wonder and beauty that I experienced while on location,” says Holman (tweet this!) in Watercolor Artist magazine. “Generally, my realistic paintings are based on subjects from my native area around Lake Superior or from my travels around the world. I’m always looking for ways to create a fresh, loose look for my landscapes. I usually have a plan, but I love when accidents happen, offering a dash of spontaneity in an otherwise controlled effort.”

“One of my favorite scenes to paint is a backlit woodland landscape,” she continues. “The light filtering through the trees is an experience not soon to be forgotten–and one that painters love to re-create.”

What a beautiful image! Find Holman’s step-by-step demonstration of a backlit landscape painting here. Next, discover even more in-depth instruction through her collection of workshop DVDs:
• Watercolor Making Your Mark (a four-disc companion guide)
• Watercolor: The Spirit of Spontaneity
• Watercolor Without Boundaries (preview this title below!)

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