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Watercolor Art: How to Paint Flowers

Watercolor Art: How to Paint Flowers

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Two Watercolor Art Lessons in One!

Learn how to paint flowers using two different approaches to watercolor painting in this week’s Jen’s Picks, with Watercolor Quick and Easy with Joyce Faulknor: Flowers, where you’ll learn painting techniques for working dark to light (a unique approach for watercolor artists), and mix watercolors right on the surface. With these watercolor painting tips, you’ll get great results for vibrant watercolor flowers, including brushstrokes and glazing tips, color mixing, and more.

Great Techniques, Good Instruction
Joyce Faulknor is a great instructor, teaching easy watercolor painting techniques that everyone can use to improve their paintings. She talks her students through each step of both art lessons, explaining not only how she works, but why her methods are effective. And, even more relevant: her approaches work! She really knows how to paint flowers to get results that reflect the true beauty of her subject, with bold, intense colors and fantastic lines.

See why user Jessica gave this video five stars, and said, “Joyce is an excellent teacher.”

In this preview, review Joyce’s dark-to-light approach as she adds medium values over dark to create subtle dimension, color shifts and details to the delicate purple petals of this iris.

You can also pick up Watercolor Quick and Easy: Flowers in DVD and download form, or stream it at

Want to learn more about how to paint flowers? A good painting always starts off with a good drawing, and you can learn how to draw great florals, free!

Watch the video: WATERCOLOR TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS: How To Paint A Rose In 5 Steps! (June 2022).


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