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Get Great Skin Tones in Any Medium

Get Great Skin Tones in Any Medium

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Great Skin Tones

Learning how to paint a figure or a portrait isn’t just about getting the proportions and features right, it’s about capturing the coloring of the person you’re drawing, and it’s just one of the many things that makes a person unique. Even doing a portrait of one person requires more than one skin tone; skin varies from warm to cool, reflects light and shadows, and the colors that surround it.

Luckily, there’s no need to get overwhelmed. hosts some great videos that carry plenty of painting tips for mixing and applying the right colors to your subject’s skin, in a variety of mediums!

First, there’s Alain Picard’s Painting Skin Tones in Pastel, which shows easy way to make skin tone charts that will help you see all the shades and colors of skin — and it’ll amaze you how much color a face can have! You can see the practical demonstration of skin tones in his portrait and figure drawing videos as well.

In Chris Saper’s video, How to Paint Skin Tones in Oil, you’ll learn how to mix and develop a variety of skin tones for people with various hair color and skin types, from blond hair and fair skin to dark hair and dark skin.

Get great skin tones using colored pencil techniques with Lee Hammond in her video, Draw Faces in Colored Pencil.

Preview Alain Picard and the other videos for great painting tips you can use right away to perfect your skin tone skills, at , along with the full length videos, get the materials, and more.

Watch the video: I WISH I knew this when I started COLOR GRADING in DAVINCI RESOLVE simple workflow (July 2022).


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