The Art of Mixed-Media Collage

The Art of Mixed-Media Collage

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Artist Donna Watson collects, cuts, pastes and paints her way through the process of mixed-media collage. “Placing the first element initiates the process,” explains Watson. The materials that go into a mixed-media collage are rarely pristine. In fact, older is better, as a collage artist is part hoarder, part historian. A collage often emerges from a collection of myriad objects: exotic papers, old maps, rare books.

Watson loves to recover papers and objects that attest to the passage of time. “Finding is always about having lost something,” says Watson, a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society whose most recent work is in mixed media and collage.

Below are just a few of Watson’s paintings. You can read a full-length article to learn more about the art of mixed-media collage, and to see more of her acrylic and collage in Acrylic Artist magazine, Spring 2015 issue. The magazine will be available at bookstores, newsstands and online at www.northlightshop.com.

Watch the video: Sing - Mixed Media Collage Art Journal Page (June 2022).


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