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Learn How to Paint Glass

Learn How to Paint Glass

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Glass is a study of contradictions. Both durable and terribly fragile at the same time, it’s often able to withstand heat but shatters when dropped; it can be perfectly clear and see-through, or cloudy and opaque, blocking out the light and distorting reflections. Is it any wonder, then, that we love painting and drawing glass? After all, it is an art unto itself.

But learning how to paint glass can be tricky for all the same reasons we love it. Glass vases and bowls cast off reflections and distortions, making color spill out and reflect onto surfaces, and throw the light in different directions, especially curved or cut glass. And creating depth is especially challenging when you can see right through it!

But like glass itself, all it takes is a bit of know-how and careful handling, and you can incorporate stunning glass into your art with the right tricks and painting techniques.

In Colored Pencil Techniques: Glass, Janie Gildow demonstrates how to paint realistic glass in a series of mini demonstrations that cover a variety of glass characteristics and shares lessons on layering, transparency, values, application and more for success with colored pencil!

“Once again, a very thorough, clear and concise explanation and demonstration of how to paint glass (clear or colored) on white or dark-colored backgrounds.” —Elaine,

If watercolor is your medium of choice, Soon Warren has you covered with her video, Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Glass, where she demonstrates how to paint a glass vase filled with cherries. You’ll learn how to create rich and vibrant colors with layering, control the water and pigments, use brushwork to add details and highlights, and line work that will make your glass sparkle!

Preview Colored Pencil Techniques: Glass and Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Glass now, then head over to for access to the full-length videos, materials lists, reviews, and more.

Watch the video: Glass Painting: Basic Painting Techniques (July 2022).


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