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Landscape Painting Techniques: Sun and Shadow in Acrylic

Landscape Painting Techniques: Sun and Shadow in Acrylic

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If you’re dreaming of summer fields full of flowers and trees covered in foliage, there’s no reason not to take matters into your own hands. Why not learn how to paint a landscape full of sun and shadow?

With Mark Mehaffey’s Paint Acrylic Landscapes: Understanding Sun and Shadow, you can learn easy landscape painting techniques in acrylic that you can use to create beautiful landscapes and transport yourself for a few hours to warmer, sunnier times. You’ll learn the importance of creating sun and shadow patterns, and great compositional techniques to create a sense of depth in your work, along with the brushstrokes, color mixing and paint applications that will build up a vibrant sense of color and value.

Preview Paint Acrylic Landscapes: Understanding Sun and Shadow below to learn painting tips for blending color, along with brushstrokes you can use to paint the light.

Then, head over to to watch the full-length video, or purchase it via DVD or download.

Watch the video: PAINTING A PORTRAIT in Oils - My favourite Techniques (July 2022).


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