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Untangle your Creativity with Mindful Doodling!

Untangle your Creativity with Mindful Doodling!

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Create Beautiful Doodle Art
If your creativity feels all tied up in knots, that might actually be a good thing! Now is a great time to try your hand at doodle art with purpose, as we wrap up Doodle December. With a ton of new tangle patterns and projects, you’ll love starting off the new year with a new project!

If you’re new to the idea of zentangle and the art of doodling, you can learn the basics with Tiffany Lovering. In Tangle Love Workshop: Zen Doodle Basics, you’ll learn 15 basic doodle patterns and ways of using stencils to create your borders and designs.

In Tangle Love Workshop: Create Original Patterns, you’ll learn how to create your own original patterns, drawing inspiration from the patterns you’ll see everywhere around you.

But you won’t stop there, because soon enough, you’ll be applying those patterns to all kinds of projects, from shoes and t-shirts to ornaments and mugs, for great, one-of-a-kind gifts and keepsakes that combine form and function.

Or, check out Kass Hall’s new videos at, along with her book, Zentangle Untangled, for great instruction on all the benefits of Zentangle! It’s not just a form of art, but a form of relaxation and awareness that many tanglers swear by. With Kass Hall as your guide, a little imagination, and your stash of mixed media tools, you’ll explore a variety of doodle art drawing techniques from using stencils and rubber stamps as strings, to adding color details and playing with Gelli Plates – it’s all here!

Check out this bonus video done with Tiffany Lovering on how to decorate an ornament (maybe something to tackle before you put the decorations away this year), and then head over to for all the doodle videos, along with great art instruction, materials, reviews, and more!

Watch the video: Zentangle Lesson (July 2022).


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