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The Artists Community Project: Lets Create Art Journals

The Artists Community Project: Lets Create Art Journals

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Overcome the Post Holiday Blues and Launch a New Art Adventure in 2015 – Art Journals

Personally, I experience the post-Christmas blues because I so enjoy getting ready for the holiday season, creating holiday art, and spreading holiday cheer. It was great to have Helen share how she celebrates Christmas through her art. Helen is the winner of the December Artists Community Project. Helen shared how she turns her artwork into her family Christmas card. Congratulations Helen! Scroll down to learn now you can win!

To overcome the post-Christmas blues, I make a list of projects and goals I plan to conquer in the new year. I find writing down my goals doubly helps ensure I accomplish them. This month’s Artists Community Project is dedicated to expanding your artistic endeavors through creating an art journal.

The new year is the perfect time to start an art journal. Art journals are a great way to track your artistic progress, keep ideas for future works of art, and to preserve your artistic journey for future generations to enjoy and explore. connects artists with ideas, inspiration, and instruction. Here are some resources for art journaling:

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: Art Journals with Joanna Penn

Watch a recording of Art Chats with Linda Fisler. In this art chat, Linda and guest, Joanna Penn, discuss ideas, how-tos, and inspiration for art journals. Watch this FREE art chat here.

Art Journal Kickstarter: Pages and Prompts to Energize Your Art Journals by Kristy Colin

Art Journal Kickstarter is a delightful collection of excerpts from artists’ art journals. You will get a visual treat of examples on how to kickstart your very own art journal. The book also has artist quotes as to where they get their art journal inspiration and how they turn journal entries into larger works of art.

No Excuses Art Journaling: Making Time for Creativity by Gina Rossi

No Excuses Art Journaling: Making Time for Creativity is an engaging read to show you how to document day-to-day, calendar life with meaningful art. This book will inspire you to not only journal, but to tell your meaningful life story with your art.

Artist’s Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson

Artist’s Journal Workshop notes the stories from artists of how they capture in their art journals how they see, feel, and experience the world around them. Art journals help artists honor and commemorate special times of life. See Extended Honeymoon (right) from Artist’s Journal Workshop as an example of the way art journals can help celebrate wonderful and memorable happy milestones.

Share with the community your own personal art journal techniques, art journal ideas, or plans to start art journaling; sharing your plans to start art journaling will hold you accountable for progress.

Remember, here’s how The Artists Community Project works:

  1. Read. Each month we will release an Artists Community Project blog about an art-related topic.
  2. Write. Share your thoughts on that topic in your own blog, and link back to the Artists Community Project blog.
  3. Link. Next, share a link to your blog in the comments section of the Artists Community Project blog for a chance to win monthly prizes.

In order to be consider for the prizes, you must link back to the Network Community project in your blog. The monthly winners will get their blogs featured in the next Artists Community Project blog post that announces the new topic and winners will receive some snazzy art goodies.

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Watch the video: Shimmer Moon Swan. Art Journaling Tutorial with Jesse Petersen (July 2022).


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