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Watercolor Painting Techniques in Motion with Birgit OConnor

Watercolor Painting Techniques in Motion with Birgit OConnor

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Watercolor Painting Techniques for Beginners
If you need some down time between all the festivities of the season, there’s no better way to relax and re-center yourself than through painting, and get an early start on one of those New Year’s Resolutions! With all the decorations about and family and friends visiting, you’ll have no shortage of subject matter. You’ll be well on your way to achieving painting success with these tips that will help beginning watercolor artists get started.

In Watercolor in Motion, you’ll learn why painting wet-into-wet will help you avoid the pitfalls that come when you apply watercolor haphazardly. This simple trick, along with other watercolor painting techniques and some color mixing basics will go a long way toward making your watercolor sessions feel productive and lead to some fantastic paintings! You’ll also get helpful advice for using the correct brushes, along with paint techniques such as hard and soft edges, layering and glazing, and more.

Preview Watercolor in Motion now, then check out the full-length video, materials, reviews, and more, at

“Excellent video with numerous techniques demonstrated. Real helpful for painting large flowers.” — Michael,

Watch the video: Watercolor Podcast: Painting Review u0026 Demonstration (July 2022).


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