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Chinese Painting, Spontaneous Style

Chinese Painting, Spontaneous Style

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Chinese Watercolor Painting Lessons

The Lunar New Year is upon us, and what better way to celebrate it than by appreciating Chinese art and culture, and learning a new skill? A great place to start: Lian Quan Zhen, whose Watercolor series continues on this week with Chinese Painting, Spontaneous Style.

Examples of Zhens Chinese watercolor paintings.

In this video, Zhen demonstrates how to capture the essence of a variety of subjects and get fluid, beautiful brushstrokes through the art of Chinese watercolor painting. With ten demonstrations of flora and fauna, and how to stretch your painting, youll have plenty of subjects to practice and perfect your watercolor painting techniques.

Zhen starts with a review of Chinese ink, paints and properties of rice paper, and then how to hold your brush to get the types of easy strokes that make painting everything from fish, to sparrows, to a deer and flowers so fluid.

You can preview Chinese Painting, Spontaneous Style to learn a great way of loading paint on your brush to create flower petals. Then purchase the full-length video to get the full demonstration of peonies and other flowers and animal subjects.


Watch the video: Six Gold Fish in Xie-Yi Free-style or spontaneous style Chinese Painting (July 2022).


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