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How to Draw Cats in Pastel Pencil

How to Draw Cats in Pastel Pencil

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Why do cats make such compelling subjects for drawing and painting? It’s not just their cute face and soft fur; the very nature of their personalities and quickly changing moods allow for a kind of expressiveness that give human subjects a run for their money. Cats are, in a word, fun to capture on paper because their very nature is so quixotic.

Of course, that very nature means that they also provide some challenges. Cats do what they want, when they want, in my experience, and that can mean that trying to draw a cat realistically means working not only quickly, but employing tried-and-true skill sets and painting techniques to get each cat’s likeness.

Luckily, pastel pencils provide an excellent medium for depicting the textures of cat fur and the liveliness of their expressions and poses, and the drawing and painting tips you get from Colin Bradley in his video, Draw and Paint Cats will provide you with trusty methods for achieving realistic portraits of your favorite felines.

With three different subjects, Colin demonstrates how to draw cats, starting with a line drawing, and then moves on to painting in the details so you’ll learn all the pastel painting techniques you’ll need for a black cat, a white kitten, and a tabby. Learn how to paint the texture of fur and accurately render the features of each animal, and learn how to adapt those drawing and painting techniques to your own subjects.

Preview Draw and Paint Cats with Pastel Pencils below to learn how to draw a cat, then add details and refine your painting so you can begin applying these techniques to your pet portraits right away. Then, head over to for access to the materials list, reviews, and to stream the full-length video. Or, download it, if that’s your preference!

Watch the video: How to draw a realistic Cat. Pastel pencils. Enrique Quintia (June 2022).


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