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How to Paint Gardens in Pastel: Impressionist Landscape Art

How to Paint Gardens in Pastel: Impressionist Landscape Art

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Learn How to Paint Gardens in Pastel

Pastels are great for creating Impressionistic landscape art, reminiscent of Monet’s garden pictures. If you’re a fan of the Impressionist style, which is characterized by an emphasis on visual strokes and light and shadow, and want to learn some of the pastel painting techniques for creating a beautiful garden scene, check out Learn to Paint Gardens in Pastel with Jackie Simmonds. She demonstrates the materials you’ll need, along with exercises for capturing flowers and foliage, and getting great shades of green. Then, tackle a landscape painting from start to finish, capturing a beautiful garden scene in pastel that would make Monet proud.

Why Paint in Pastel?

Pastels are so suited to this style of painting, they might as well have been made for it. With the ease of blending and layering colors, without the need for water or other solvents, and their portability, pastels are a great medium to take outside with you to work from life, should you choose. Even in the studio or at your kitchen table, pastels make working quickly and loosely a breeze, perfect for capturing the impression of flowers and trees and grass without getting too caught up in the details.

Jackie gently conveys her techniques for capturing a wonderful, impressionistic painting of any garden. Great tips for dealing with perspective and the movement of sunlight. Also how to ‘breakdown’ the garden so that it is not overwhelming. This is a great follow on from her video on pastel painting flowers (watch that one for more in depth pastel techniques and flower drawing). – Derryn,

This landscape art video features:

  • Pastel art lessons containing exercises and a full garden painting demonstration
  • Paint techniques to create flowers and leaves, simplify composition, and apply light and shadows for a beautiful, Impressionistic landscape painting
  • Great instruction from a beloved pastel artist with tried-and-true teaching methods

Preview Learn to Paint Gardens in Pastel now to get painting tips on simplifying your garden scene for a more impressionistic result, a lesson on painting the sky around your scene, and pastel techniques to help you create a successful composition vital to Impressionistic landscape art. Then, head over to for the full video, reviews, materials, and more!

Love your landscapes? Get more landscape painting lessons for free!

Watch the video: Keeping It Loose! How to keep your pastel paintings loose and impressionistic (June 2022).


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