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Light in Watercolor Painting Tips

Light in Watercolor Painting Tips

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Watercolor Art: Painting Tips for Beautiful Light
As the northern hemisphere experiences the approach of the shortest night of the year next month, many of us are feeling envious of our friends in Australia and New Zealand, who are heading into their spring. Humans are creatures of light: it’s how we see the world and navigate through it. The way light hits an object describes its form; it’s no wonder, then, that we artists are always searching for the best painting tips and techniques to capture it within our work.

Enter John Lidzey, whose art video, Light in Watercolor, offers watercolor artists the tools they need to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary with his tried-and-true watercolor painting techniques. You’ll learn how to paint the effects of strong lighting, and how to use tone and color in your watercolor art, whether depicting people in the subway, or a kitchen tableau. You’ll also discover painting techniques that will give strength to your compositions. Follow John’s teaching, step-by-step, to create beautiful, moody watercolor paintings that come to life with light.

Preview Light in Watercolor now to watch John develop shadows to create the feeling of strong light streaming in from the background of this scene. Then, head over to to see the full-length video, access the reviews and materials, and more.

See why user Pam raves, “Wonderful video! John’s techniques of painting light are fun and informative. One of my favorite watercolor workshops.”

Get the essentials of painting in watercolor with these free lessons from!

Watch the video: How to Invent Light u0026 Shadow. Advanced Watercolor Painting (July 2022).


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