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Create Handwritten Notes to Express Your Art

Create Handwritten Notes to Express Your Art

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Dear Artists,

In this digital age, rescue the art of handwritten notes from the abyss and use personal touch to propel your art career. Handwritten notes are a rare commodity and they are more important now than ever. In your art business, the art of handwritten notes will flag you as unique, deliberate, sincere, and creative.

Business, especially the business of promoting your art, is all about cultivating relationships. Emails swirl, tweets twitter, Facebook posts notify, but handwritten notes truly carry a sense of genuine clout when they deliver your kind words and appreciation to someone.

It is amazing how people react to handwritten notes. Often when I send handwritten notes, I receive a note back, thanking me for my thank-you. This always makes me call my mother and thank her profusely for raising me well, teaching me this art form, and instilling in me an attitude of gratitude. In this face paced world, handwritten notes help us slow down and think about each other, if even for just a moment.

The key to building your artistic presence and expanding your art business is building solid, long-lasting relationships. Relationships are a result of authentic and genuine communication. Do you want to make an extra special impression on gallery owners? Do you want to earn more commissions? Do you want those who commission you to refer you to others? Do you want to be a more credible and likable figure in your field and in your community?

Write handwritten notes, every single day, because your competition is either too lazy or unwilling to practice this short yet powerful ritual on a consistent basis. In a world where so much communication is merely utilitarian, the simple act of a handwritten note, communicates to those who matter in your life and your business that they are worth your investment, remembrance, gratitude, appreciation, and time.

As an artist, you have an even greater opportunity to reach out to others with your art in a way that creates a lasting, positive connection – make your own cards! Turn handwritten notes into mini expressions of your personal fine art. Imagine the lasting impression you’ll make when someone not only receives a handwritten note from you but the front of that note is a small, unique, and personalized sampling of your art – now we’re talking powerful impressions!

You have the artistic prowess, Network University can help you express your art in card-like, stationary form.

Just in time for the holidays, take a course on how to create fine art holiday cards. Learn to create holiday cards that will wow its recipients. Make your holiday cards uniquely special; make your holiday cards uniquely from you; make a lasting impression.

You can also learn to make 10 handmade note cards in a snap! Cloak your handwritten sentiments in a unique expression of acrylics that will stand out, and likely be displayed by your special recipient.

Take two, two-week courses starting on December 2 to learn to create your own cards:

  1. DIY Fine Art Holiday Cards with artist, author, and instructor Grant Fuller
  2. Ten Handmade Note Cards in a Snap! with artist, author, and instructor Tesia Blackburn

Take advantage of these Network University courses to learn to create mini works of art to share far and wide in a unique and personalized way. Send folks your artwork as holiday well-wishes and handwritten notes year around.

Live thankful and live inspired,


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