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Pen and Paint Techniques: Watercolor Washes

Pen and Paint Techniques: Watercolor Washes

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Learn How to Paint and Draw with Pen and Washes

Pen and ink painting feel a bit like a paradox, exercising both the precise nature of creating fine lines that comes from drawing with a more relaxed approach to watercolor painting. In truth, the watercolor painting techniques employed in pen and watercolor washes requires some precision as well, but after doing the detailed work of creating an image, the feeling of spreading water and paint on a page feels like freedom. Conversely, starting with a wash means that the drawing stage that follows is a lot like creating order out of chaos. Either way you work, the process promises to feel as rewarding as the results you achieve.

If all of that sounds a bit daunting, it’s really not. You can easily learn how to draw and paint using pen and ink with watercolors, employing the drawing and painting techniques Wendy Jelbert demonstrates in this video. Wendy shows you how to mix pen and watercolor together, balancing intricate, drawn details with soft washes to create beautiful landscape paintings and still lifes. You’ll learn basic lessons on pen strokes, brushstrokes and painting techniques, then progress to learn how to paint elegant flowers, capture bright highlights, stormy skies and impressive water reflections, as you experience an exciting adventure with every stroke of your brush.

Preview Pen and Wash with Wendy Jelbert now to learn how to create gradient color in both wet-into-wet washes and with pen; then see the various ways in which watercolor washes can be combined with pen and ink for intricately drawn details offset by soft, beautiful color. Then, head over to to get access to the materials list, watch the full video, and more!”

Watch the video: Pen and Ink with Watercolor - Line and Wash Lighthouse Landscape (July 2022).


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