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A Little Patience; a Lot of Great Watercolor Art

A Little Patience; a Lot of Great Watercolor Art

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Watercolor is a deceptive medium. It looks easy, but so often, you step back to find yourself halfway through a landscape painting wondering, what went wrong? And yet, as watercolor artists everywhere can tell you, there is nothing compared to the feeling you get when its all going right. Its easy to get addicted, and find your fingers itching to get a brush between them, desperate to capture what you see and get it down on paper.

Watercolor painting by Sharon Lynn Williams.

If that sounds scary, then back away from the brushes now, but if you want my advice: Give in to the cravings and let your creativity shine, because watercolor will reward you in the long run. Taking the time to learn a few watercolor painting techniques will definitely pay off.

For those new to the medium, and even for those who have quite a few brushstrokes under their belts, Sharon Lynn Williams has some great painting tips in her Watercolor Workshop video. And the best part is that these techniques are so simple, they take all the fear out of landscape painting.

Sharon walks you through a landscape painting, tackling each step with easy instruction, and youll see immediate improvement in your work, starting with preparing your materials and composition before you get started with the painting itself. However, you wont be held in suspense for too long, as youll go right into learning several watercolor tricks, from brushstrokes for creating clouds and foliage and negative painting techniques, to color mixing and refining the shapes.

You can preview Watercolor Workshop to get some tips you can apply immediately. Then, watch the full-length video for the complete lesson, access materials, reviews, and more. Or, purchase the DVD or download the video in our store.


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