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Easels for Artists: A Revolution in Design

Easels for Artists: A Revolution in Design

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Our team at Network is always on the lookout for new items on the market that are just for artists. The following is a sponsored message from our friends from ARTristic Easel.

Rotate your artwork, tilt it, raise it, lower it and instantly lock it at any angle or position while you’re painting. Isn’t that what an easel should let you do? The “revolutionary” ARTristic Easel design lets you fully concentrate on your line of vision by eliminating distractions like backaches, impossible brush stroke angles and unreachable corners of your artwork. It allows you to sit, stand, or alternate back and forth. Once you’ve experienced the ARTristic easel, it’s like your easel has disappeared and there’s just you, your inspiration and your painting surface.

No matter what medium you paint in or whether you use boards, canvas stretchers, foam cores, scraper board or virtually any other surface–thick or thin–the ARTristic Easel will hold it, firmly…from 3×5 inches to almost 4 feet square, and even round or oval. Since it weighs less than ten pounds, you can fold up the legs instantly throw it over your shoulder with your painting still attached if you wish, and carry it wherever you want or transport it in your car. This easel takes the “pain” out of painting and the “work” out of artwork and will help you reveal faster, your full creative potential as an artist. Give a truly one-of-a-kind gift to the artist in your life. If your lucky, that will be you. Order one right now.

Watch the video: DIY: One of the best Art Easels built: Woodworking Projecct 1197, built from Mahogany (July 2022).


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