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Paint Flowers in Colored Pencil

Paint Flowers in Colored Pencil

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How to Draw Flowers
What is it about flowers that makes us want to draw and paint them over again? Well, there’s the color of course! Add in form and shape, and the fact that no two flowers are ever exactly alike, and you have an ideal subject for your paintings. And when combined with the versatility and precise linework you can get from colored pencils, and you have a recipe for success with just a few techniques!

Learn how to paint flowers with two different approaches using colored pencil techniques from Gary Greene. You’ll start off with the basics: pencil choices, sharpening and stroke work. Then, watch the demonstration of two complete start-to-finish flower paintings: first, learn how to paint a rose using solvent to create an underpainting on which to layer color.

Then, draw a gloxinia on a dark surface using a burnishing technique. You’ll love the vibrant and saturated effects you can achieve in your flower drawings and paintings with Gary’s techniques.

Preview Painting Flowers in Colored Pencil with Gary Greene now to see how an underpainting sets the stage for a vibrant painting of a rose. Then, head over to to see the materials list, reviews, and full-length video.

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Watch the video: DRAWING A ROSE IN COLORED PENCIL. Emma Maree (June 2022).


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