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Watercolor Art Lessons: How to Paint Flowers

Watercolor Art Lessons: How to Paint Flowers

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My mother loves to give people flowers. We have dinner together often, and it’s all very spur of the moment, but every once in a while, she likes to observe a little formality of bringing a hostess gift in the form of flowers, even if it’s a simple bouquet from the grocery store.

My mom knows my favorite flowers (lilies), but she also brings me what happens to catch her eye; a bouquet of daisies or sunflowers; sometimes gladioli or yellow roses. My mom doesn’t worry about the language or meaning of flowers, she just brings what makes her happy. Inevitably, the flowers bring us both pleasure; I always find myself wanting to paint them. I find that it’s great inspiration when I haven’t picked up a brush in too long, as well as a great live subject that stays still for long periods of time.

Because the flowers are never the same each time, I can get a lot of practice painting and employing the various painting techniques and approaches to flowers. And there’s no better resource for painting flowers in watercolor than Bente Starcke King’s Beautiful Botanicals.

In these art lessons, Bente Starcke King demonstrates how to paint flowers, introducing you to several watercolor painting techniques, along with working with colored pencils and pen-and-ink. Working from fresh flowers and plants, Bente Starke King shows you how to paint tulips, primroses, daffodils and lilies step-by-step, tackling potential problems such as capturing the beauty of white flowers on a white background. This video is a must for all who have an interest in painting beautiful flowers, and who want their bouquets to last longer than the flowers themselves.

Preview Beautiful Botanicals with Bente Starcke King now, then head over to for the full-length video, reviews, materials and more!

Watch the video: Realistic Rose in Watercolor Painting Tutorial (July 2022).


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