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Learn Acrylic Landscape Art Techniques

Learn Acrylic Landscape Art Techniques

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The quick-drying nature and wide variety of brush strokes, paint techniques, and additional products make acrylics a great way to learn how to paint. If you want to capture landscapes, there’s sure to be an approach you’ll love.

In Terry Harrison’s Improve Your Acrylic Painting, you’ll get several lessons for approaching acrylics, from brushstrokes to different ways of working with your acrylics for different effects. Prefer oil painting but want faster drying times? Acrylics are perfect!

In this art video, learn to paint with acrylics using wet-in-wet and wet-on-dry techniques, and how to paint with acrylic products that add depth and texture to your subject. Terry starts with simple exercises for using acrylic paint to mimic the effects of watercolor and oil. After each exercise, Terry leads you through an accompanying painting, step-by-step so that you’ll have several acrylic landscape paintings under your belt.


  • Exercises in acrylic painting techniques that look like watercolor and oil
  • Learn how to paint trees and landscapes in oil
  • Create textures with acrylic products for walls and other landscape elements
  • Put all the paint techniques to use to create beautiful landscape art

Preview Improve Your Acrylic Painting with Terry Harrison now to learn how to paint trees in acrylic using wet-into-wet vs. wet-on-dry brush strokes.

Then, head over to for the full-length video, the materials list, reviews and more!

Learn more landscape painting techniques for FREE!

Watch the video: How to Paint an Abstract Landscape (July 2022).


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