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Collage Art Techniques with Nita Leland

Collage Art Techniques with Nita Leland

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From the time I was young, I loved taking scissors and paper and cutting out shapes; everything from snowflakes at Christmas time (which I still do), to cutting and pasting rudimentary collages. I wasn’t alone. My mom kept a scrapbook for each of us kids, and while it wasn’t the sophisticated scrapbooks you see in craft stores these days, she enjoyed it, too.

The desire to make a collage hasn’t abated over the years, merely developed into incorporating the fun and creativity of it into something a bit more refined, as well as archival, since those early scrapbooks and collages are yellowing and fragile these days.

Now, I have a lot more tools at my disposal. Sure, the basic elements remain the same, glue and paper, but there’s so much more to incorporate, so much so that the possibilities can be overwhelming. And that is where Nita Leland’s video, Collage Art Techniques, comes in.

Not Your Grade School Collage
In this art video, you get to see Nita explore all the ways that combining paper and paint techniques in a mixed media collage will take your collages from fun art to fine art. (Yes, we went there.) Follow along with Nita as she demonstrates basic collage techniques, from creating painted paper art with acrylics to rubbings with colored pencil techniques. Learn how to make a collage using a variety of tools to manipulate and explore your art materials in new ways. Nita discusses color characteristics, composition, making papers, creating faux textures and other collage art techniques in this introductory collage tutorial.

Preview Collage Art Techniques with Nita Leland now to learn tips like how to create your own crystalline papers, as well as how to combine techniques in an aquatic scene. Then, head over to for the full-length video, materials list, and reviews.

Learn more ways to wield your colored pencils, free!

Watch the video: Review: Color Choices: Making Color Sense Out of Color Theory by Stephen Quiller (July 2022).


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