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Painting Watercolor Flowers: Orchids

Painting Watercolor Flowers: Orchids

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In Painting Watercolor Flowers: Orchids, you’ll see two different approaches to painting flowers using tried-and-true watercolor techniques from Joyce Faulknor and Guy Magallanes. The way Joyce and Guy interact and bounce ideas off each other provides a plethora of great techniques you can use in your own paintings.

The best part about this video is seeing the different approach they each take, but there’s no shortage of painting techniques you can learn from both. Both make painting florals look easy, and their mastery of the watercolor medium will have you itching to pick up your brush and start painting. The best part: both approaches work equally well, resulting in vibrant, beautiful paintings full of life and color. This video is a great resource for anyone looking to paint flowers, or any other subject for that matter, in watercolor, no matter the skill level.

Some of the things you’ll learn from Painting Watercolor Flowers: Orchids:

  • How to create and work from reference photos
  • Color mixing, both on your palette and straight on your surface
  • Painting light and shadow
  • How to control your edges
  • Compositions and painting backgrounds
  • Glazing techniques
  • Painting wet-into-wet
  • Develop Contrast

Preview Painting Watercolor Flowers: Orchids to learn how to paint vibrant, colorful flowers as you practice these tips–glaze clean color, paint wet-into-wet and develop contrast. Then, head to to stream the
full-length video, get reference photos and material lists, reviews, and more! If you prefer your own copy rather than stream it, no problem! Head to for the downloadable version, or the DVD.

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Watch the video: Paint an Iris flower in watercolor with Angela Fehr (July 2022).


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