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Drawing Secrets: Realistic Faces with Carrie Stuart Parks

Drawing Secrets: Realistic Faces with Carrie Stuart Parks

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Drawing Secrets: Realistic Faces with Carrie Stuart Parks
Learn to draw a realistic face step by step with Carrie Stuart Parks as she guides you through several demos featuring a variety of facial features. Carrie’s friendly instruction and helpful tips will give you the skills you need to draw your own favorite faces.

Drawing Lessons You’ll Love
No two faces are exactly alike. Even twins have some variation, and things like age, gender, ethnicity and more can make drawing realistic features a new challenge with every person, and Carrie will help you face that challenge head on (pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist). In this video, you’ll get access to Carrie’s expertise on what materials and drawing techniques work best for shading and blending, as well as techniques for cleaning up your drawing—priceless knowledge for beginners, when making mistakes is not only inevitable, but the best way you’ll learn. You’ll not only get tips for developing each feature, but how they fit within the entire face.

Preview Drawing Secrets: Realistic Faces to see how easy it is to create realistic eyes using simple linework, blending and erasing techniques.

Need a bit more convincing? user Savina called this video “Worth the Price:”

I’m an intermediate beginner, so it’s hard to find videos that go beyond the beginner basics while still being easy enough to follow along with. Carrie’s teaching method is straightforward and easy to understand and follow. While it’s appropriate for beginners, she goes beyond the elementary steps to reveal how to create depth and life in your drawings. This class helped me “get” some aspects of drawing the face that had had me stuck in a rut for months. It was such a relief to finally understand and move past what turned out to be simple barriers! I’m so glad I bought this one.”

See why she and other users have given this video 5-Star reviews, then watch the video and leave your own review at

Watch the video: Preview. Drawing Secrets: Techniques for Realistic Results with Carrie Stuart Parks (July 2022).


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