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Painting Textures in Colored Pencil with Gary Greene

Painting Textures in Colored Pencil with Gary Greene

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To look at Gary Greene’s work, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking, “wait, that’s actually colored pencil?!” With images so crisp and lifelike, and colors so vivid and smooth, it’s hard to imagine anyone could get the look of a photograph from a medium used traditionally for drawing rather than painting. You can probably credit Gary’s background as a photographer and illustrator for the crisp realism of his work, and Gary is great at creating textures of all sorts. It is capturing that real-looking texture that is key to his style.

Gary teaches how to create texture in his video, Painting Textures in Colored Pencil with Gary Greene, both in a still life featuring colored glass, then the rough texture of a donkey. His expert instruction features the different types of strokes you need to work on different types of surfaces that complement the textures in his subject matter.

Learn How to Paint in Colored Pencils
Take two completely different approaches to creating lifelike textures in colored pencils with this art video on creating textures in colored pencil, from Gary Greene. He begins with the basics: pencil choices, sharpening and stroke work. He then demonstrates, step-by-step, two colored pencil painting techniques, first layering circular strokes on a smooth-toothed paper to paint glass bottles, and then underpainting and layering linear strokes on cold-pressed watercolor paper to paint a donkey.

You’ll love the depth, detail and intensity you can achieve with these techniques and achieve two complete color pencil works of art.

Preview Painting Textures in Colored Pencil with Gary Greene, below, now to learn about layering color over an underpainting to create the texture on a drawing of a donkey. You’ll learn how to use your pencil to create linear strokes and work dark to light, adding color a bit at a time. Then, to download the reference photos of the donkey and the colored glass, along with materials lists, the full-video, reviews and more, you can head over to

Access the video in DVD form, plus books on colored pencil techniques from Gary Greene and more at

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Watch the video: Mastering Colored Pencils An Essential Guide by Lisa Dinhofer Book Review (July 2022).


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