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Paint Techniques: Watercolor Grapes with Lian Quan Zhen

Paint Techniques: Watercolor Grapes with Lian Quan Zhen

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Learn How to Paint Grapes in Watercolor
Follow along, step-by-step, with Lian Quan Zhen to create vibrant grapes on a vine. A Berkeley graduate, Lian takes inspiration of the California vineyards to demonstrate his favorite watercolor painting techniques, including pouring and color mixing, layering color to create depth and form, and employing the use of negative painting, or painting around the subject.

And who needs a brush, anyway? At least in the first stage of the painting, Lian shows why your fingers are an effective painting tool for mixing colors, right on the page.

Students of watercolor painting will have a great time watching Lian’s painting develop, and his tips and lessons on watercolor are as simple as they are valuable! As” subscriber Mary states in her 5-Star review, Lian’s approach is, “Absolutely spellbinding, I can already see that this would be a great technique to utilize in many other areas.

Lian makes painting in watercolors fun, with fast and loose tactics that keep the painting from ever becoming stiff and overworked. The variety of colors, mixed from a limited palette of primary colors, adds depth and form to the grapes, leaves and stems, and the playful techniques will make you want to try them in all of your watercolor paintings.

Download Watercolor With Lian Quan Zhen: Grapes to get:

  • Tips on color mixing right on the page to create beautiful green and purple grapes
  • Lessons on how to blend and lift color, how to use your brushes
  • Paint techniques, such as fingerpainting, pouring, negative painting, and more

Preview Watercolor With Lian Quan Zhen: Grapes now to get a jump start on learning his favorite watercolor techniques, then head over to” for the materials list, full-length video, and to leave your own review. You can also find Lian’s other videos on painting in watercolor for a variety of subjects and techniques, from elephants and frogs, to barns and snowy landscapes.

Have you taken advantage of this FREE Watercolor Painting for Beginners download, yet?

Watch the video: Enjoy and improve watercolor sketch. light and shade. farm road (July 2022).


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