Drawing Basics: Get In That Box!

Drawing Basics: Get In That Box!

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Head of 12-year-old Christ by Albrecht Dürer,
drawing, 1506.
Adapted from an article by Dan Gheno.

As you know from my previous blog about needing a GPS to draw heads–because I get more lost in the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose than youd think would ever be possible–I am on the lookout for any kind of aid or tricks or artistic voodoo that can set me on the right path. Thats where Dan Gheno–a gem among men–comes in.

He gave me yet another trick that I love to use when trying to draw a noggin. This time it is all about using linear perspective to draw the head. Dan advises trying to better gauge the tilt and angle of the head by visualizing it in a box, just like Albrect Dürer drew in his sketchbooks.

Doing this can make it easier to see the tilt of the form with opposite sides slanting parallel to each other, just like you are taught to do when first learning about perspective drawing.

All you have to do is remember that if the front of the face is angling down, the back of the head is on the same slant. And when it comes to aligning the features on a face as they recede into space, I just remember to draw imaginary perspective drawing lines (in my mind) that converge downward when Im drawing the face from below, and upward if I am drawing a persons face at eye level. Sounds easy…now its time to put it into practice. So head, get in that box!

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Watch the video: Lesson 1, Exercise 2: Ghosting Your Lines (July 2022).


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