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Stencil Girl: Mixed Media Art Techniques

Stencil Girl: Mixed Media Art Techniques

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Mixed Media Made Magnificent!

We bet you haven’t had a chance to check out these really cool videos from the Stencil Girl herself, Mary Beth Shaw. But we also know that once you do, you’re going to be so excited by all the possibilities that using stencils can afford you, whether you work in mixed media, acrylic, watercolor or other forms, because the textures, patterns and materials you can introduce into your work can’t help but inspire you to try a few new things.

Whether it’s creating art for your wall or a mixed media journal, Mary Beth shows just how inspiring stencils can be, especially when combined with materials like copper and Gelli plates.

And if that sounds intimidating or foreign, don’t worry, it’s really, really not. These materials are not only fun, but they’ll kickstart your art into new realms of creativity, and especially with the monoprinting, so many of the techniques she uses can be applied to more traditional painting styles, especially pulling monoprints.

Preview Stencil Girl Mixed Media Sampler Journal now as Mary Beth demonstrates how to use stencils and embossing tools to create a copper plaque that will be the striking visual centerpiece for the cover of your own own mixed media sampler.

Preview Stencil Girl Mixed Media Wall Hanging now as Mary Beth demonstrates how to layer your Gelli plate with acrylic paint, and use it as printing plate for creating gorgeous images on deli paper (or another paper of your choosing) that will ultimately end up as one of many component parts in your wall hanging.

Watch the video: How to use stencils properly! Mixed media techniques (July 2022).


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