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How to Draw Dogs with Chris Hart

How to Draw Dogs with Chris Hart

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If you love the funny, cuddly, lovable nature of dogs, you’ll love learning how to draw them, too. Best-selling artist and instructor Chris Hart takes the trouble out of drawing your favorite canine companions by demonstrating easy drawing techniques and showing you how to draw their anatomy accurately.

Follow these easy step-by-step lessons to watch Chris demystify canine anatomy. You’ll learn to see dogs as “very furry strangely-standing people,” so you can create accurate drawings. With lessons ranging from using art supplies and drawing a variety of fur types, to achieving that “aww, so cute” factor in the overall picture, Chris shares his tips for how to draw dog expressions and poses that will give life and realism to your drawings.

This is a great video for anyone who wants to learn more about drawing pets, especially dogs, and it’s a lovely, light-hearted approach to subjects who are light-hearted and playful themselves. Chris provides solid, reliable art instruction while simultaneously breaking down the walls that separate comic drawing from more “traditional” art forms – a term that is deceiving in and of itself. Expanding your toolbox of drawing techniques is a great way to start the new year (and occupy yourself while waiting out the polar vortex). After all, who can think of a better way of spending an evening, the curled up with your favorite puppies to keep warm? Just add pencil and paper; your subject is ready to go!

Preview Chris Hart Art School: How to Draw Dogs and learn easy tips for drawing convincing, cute dogs while you follow Chris’ lessons on how to use overlapping layering, shading and angles. Then visit for access to the full-length video workshop, or download the video at

Watch the video: How to Draw a Puppy Step by Step (July 2022).


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