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Tackle Negative Space Using Acrylic Painting Techniques

Tackle Negative Space Using Acrylic Painting Techniques

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Get Positive Results!
Learn to paint the negative space around objects such as leaves and branches for stunning results and instant improvement in your acrylic landscapes and still lifes. You’ll learn to simplify your objects down to simple shapes and cut in to create design. You’ll see how you can use your photo reference as a guide to your compositions without becoming a slave to it, allowing you to unleash your creativity and have fun while you work. Then, add some great texturing techniques to your repertoire to make your paintings more dynamic, and color mixing to create a unified painting to capture the colors of late fall leaves on a frosty morning.

Rethink Your Negative Attitude!
There’s a reason Linda Kemp’s painting instruction is popular! As viewer Eileen states,

“I now own Linda Kemp’s new book and her old book and 2 DVD’s of her workshop; each time I watch a video or read and study her new book, I learn more and more. She is an excellent teacher and explains her method so well that anyone could benefit from it. I highly recommend her workshops (books and videos). She really knows her stuff.”

Linda is an excellent teacher and her acrylic and watercolor painting techniques are not only enjoyable to learn, but so easy to adapt to your own style and subjects. Try it with abstract subjects as well as landscape elements, or even branch out with different mediums for your layers to add oomph to your work. This video is about how you can see and capture your subject, so by changing your approach, you get a great jumping-off point to explore all the possibilities this offers.

Preview Negative Painting Techniques: Acrylic today to discover how to create background texture using spray mist and drybrush, use negative painting to create shapes, and achieve depth with layers of light to dark and transparent to opaque. You’ll get a glimpse of what all the fuss is about!

Check out Negative Painting Techniques: Acrylic to get access to materials lists, the five star reviews, and more, plus stream the full-length video. You’ll also find more from Linda and other fantastic acrylic art lessons at ArtistsNetwork.TV.

You can also find more from Linda Kemp in our shop, and right now, you can get her entire Acrylics Pack, which contains this video, her books, her video on Simplifying Color and a set of Holbein Acrylics. Quantities are limited, so get it while you can!

Watch the video: Must See Acrylic Pouring Feather with Negative Space - MIND-BLOWING! Fluid Art for Beginners (July 2022).


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