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In the Encaustic Studio: Basic Mixed Media Techniques with Michelle Belto

In the Encaustic Studio: Basic Mixed Media Techniques with Michelle Belto

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Encaustic Painting and Mixed Media Techniques: Easier Than You Think
Have you wanted to try encaustic painting but aren’t sure how to get started? Then this video is for you: In the Encaustic Studio: Basic Mixed Media Techniques, from Michelle Belto, is a great way to dive right in.

Encaustic is a durable and versatile wax-based paint that can be melted down and spread over your surface. You’ll learn about the tools, safety and working environs you need. Then, move into an exploration of techniques you can use to create all kinds of surfaces, from smooth to textured, transparent to opaque layers, and more. Michelle tackles what it means to create an underpainting and demonstrates using a variety of media, including stamps, stencils, alcohol inks and pen-and-ink. Finally, an exploration of building up and scraping down and working through multiple layers will show you the incredible versatility of painting with wax.

The Possibilities are Infinite
The best thing about mixed media is how much it frees up the creative juices, so that there is really an endless array of possibilities open to you. Mixing encaustic with other paints and mediums can lead to a continuous loop of inspiration leading to creation leading to more inspiration. Adding encaustic to your stable of abstract painting techniques allows you to create all kinds of textures and surfaces.

Preview In the Encaustic Studio: Basic Mixed Media Techniques now, and check out ArtistsNetwork.TV for a materials list, the full streaming video, and more. You can download, stream, or purchase the DVD.

And when you’ve learned all these basic lessons, check out these advanced encausticmixed media painting techniques from Michelle Belto.

Watch the video: Dale Roberts Encaustic Painting Demo (July 2022).


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