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Luminous Landscape Paintings in Oils

Luminous Landscape Paintings in Oils

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Capture the Light in Your Landscape Paintings
Fill your paintings with light and color with Brian Keeler’s workshop on painting the luminous landscape in oils. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to paint landscapes, step by step, with a focus on perspective, painting clouds, creating stunning light, and where to put your points of interest. Brian teaches painting techniques for brushwork, value and color as he leads you through each part of the painting process—from line drawing to local color, blocking in light and shadow and finessing the details for dramatic results!

Oil Painting Techniques You’ll Love
Brian Keeler is a popular instructor with good reason. His paintings are stunning, filled with light and perspective that borders on reverent, and gives a sense of the wonder he sees in the world. He manages to capture a sense of the past (and present) without feeling trite or nostalgic, so it’s hard not to love his paintings. Plus, his gentle teaching techniques and depth of knowledge make following along with his lessons a true pleasure, so that you’ll get each step down with ease and enjoyment, along with learning about the history of oil painting and see how contemporary artists still use the painting techniques of previous masters. You’ll learn how to block in the large shapes with one layer of paint to capture the values, then add in the light and dark tones that create form and distance. What’s more, with a live audience in his studio, this lesson allows for people to ask the questions you’ve wanted to ask yourself.

Preview The Luminous Landscape in Oils with Brian Keeler now to learn how to block in the shapes in oils, along with the specific type of light that infuses Brian’s painting and how to capture it. You’ll also learn about perspective and vanishing point. You can also visit ArtistsNetwork.TV to get a full materials list, see images from the video, and learn more about landscape painting and painting in oils.

To learn more about Brian Keeler, his painting techniques in oils, pastels, and more, visit ArtistsNetwork.TV.

Watch the video: Winter Light, plein air oil painting by Andy Dolphin (July 2022).


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