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Ted Nuttall on How to Paint a Successful Painting—and Bonus Watercolor Portrait Gallery

Ted Nuttall on How to Paint a Successful Painting—and Bonus Watercolor Portrait Gallery

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A frequent juror of watercolor shows, figurative artist Ted Nuttall shares behind-the-scenes watercolor tips that might help you make your next painting an across-the-board winner: “When I’m jurying shows, quite often I will see a painting that on first glance looks really nice. Certain areas look beautiful and perfect and then it becomes obvious that others didn’t receive as much attention; therefore, the painting doesn’t look strong all the way across. I discovered that I was doing that to a certain degree in my own work. Now I try to pay more attention to completing the painting with as much energy at the end as I introduced in the beginning.”

Enjoy this gallery of Nuttall’s lively watercolor portraits and figures, and learn more about the artist in the February 2014 issue of Watercolor Artist.


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