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Paint Glass Like a Pro in Watercolor

Paint Glass Like a Pro in Watercolor

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Learn to Paint Glass in Watercolor
It’s easier than you think!
There’s a reason Soon Warren’s workshop, Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Glass is getting 5-star reviews. Several reasons, in fact, but they all boil down to this: great instruction on a great subject: painting glass in watercolor.

Soon brings some of her favorite techniques for watercolor to you with easy instruction, and the subject is delicious: painting a bowl full of cherries. But while that might conjure up images of Santa for the folks gearing up for Christmas next month (next month, really??!!!), these berries conjure up the sweet and tart taste of an early summer day.

Hit Up the Produce Section
This is a fun video to watch, both because Soon offers up easy-to-follow, delightful art instruction and because she makes painting glass, which can be so daunting, into something any of us can do with ease. There’s a playfulness to this video, even as you get solid tips and tricks for getting your watercolors just right, each time. There’s something fascinating about watching the way she blends her colors to create these luscious berries, and if you like the versatility of watercolors, you’ll really enjoy how the watercolor techniques Soon employs complement that freedom and movement, even while creating strong lines and forms. With clean lines and vibrant color, you’ll love the easy elegance of this still life and you’ll be ready to apply it to your own compositions.

Preview Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Glass now to learn:

  • how to keep your watercolor paper from buckling
  • wet-into-wet and wet-into-dry watercolor techniques
  • how to mingle watercolor right on the paper
  • line work to add sparkle

When you’re done with this video, we bet you’ll have several watercolor paintings you’ll want to hang in your kitchen and dining room, inspiring you to eat — and paint — well!

You can learn more about Soon Y. Warren in this interview, and find her book and other art lessons at North Light Shop or stream her videos instantly at ArtistsNetwork.TV.

Watch the video: Dos u0026 Donts of Watercolor Painting (July 2022).


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